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The Kenexa Partner Advantage

The Kenexa Partner Advantage is one way we uphold our mission of improving companies and enriching lives. This program helps our partners increase market share, competitive position and revenue growth and partner with a recognized industry leader in human capital management.

We partner with industry leading organizations to bring additional value to clients, including innovative technology, increased market and product coverage, and access to specialized resources and expertise in content, technology and services.

We work with our partners to offer integrated solutions that add value to mutual customers across the globe.

By partnering with Kenexa, you will:

  • Gain access to a unified business approach that supports the entire employee lifecycle, from pre-hire to exit
  • Take advantage of expert support, training, technical and marketing resources
  • Work with a New York Stock Exchange company that has a strong commitment to ongoing R&D and innovation
  • Gain an established global footprint with more than 30 offices in over 20 countries, and work with more than 7,200 organizations located in more than 200 countries and territories
  • Work with our unique combination of technology, content and services to create success and unending opportunity
  • Adopt a consultative approach to ensure the right expectations are set and appropriate resources are allocated to drive success

We work hard to make sure we choose the right partners, and then we provide the support needed to make those partnerships successful.

Kenexa Partner Types

Strategic Alliances
These partners are recognized leaders in the Talent and Human Capital Management marketplace and are strategically aligned with Kenexa with a deep and broad partnership that extends market and product coverage for the benefit of our mutual customers.

Resellers and Distributors
Kenexa is actively seeking to appoint resellers and distributors for selected products in certain geographic locations. We have an array of “shrink wrapped” and low touch products with assessments, survey, compensation and leadership solutions that are well suited to Reseller and Distributor models, and we are currently expanding our Reseller network.

HRO and BPO Companies
Kenexa can provide capabilities to leverage the full suite of our solutions, several modules, point solutions or content and tools that can be embedded into the HRO and BPO companies’ offerings.

Application and Software Partners
These partners have developed complimentary applications, solutions and functionality that are embedded into Kenexa’s solutions to provide additional value-add to our clients that maximize the customer experience.

Consulting and Advisory Partners
These partners help Kenexa customers identify the appropriate solutions through industry knowledge and experience with consulting services. They may provide implementation, integration and training to joint customers. They may also embed our technology and content into their solutions that are delivered to their clients.

Technology Partners
These partners provide the underlying technology on which our solutions and infrastructures are built to enable the service and content delivery of our solutions.

Kenexa Partners

Applications and Software Partners

Agency Management

Background Check

First Advantage
Lexis Nexis
Verified Credentials

  • eScreen

Job Distribution

Bernard Hodes Group

Direct Employeers
First Advantage
TMP Worldwide

Tax Credits

First Advantage

Video Interview

GreenJob Interview



Consulting and Advisory Partners

Compensation – Referrals

  • Astron Solutions
  • Buck Consulting
  • CJ Francis
  • Compensation Works
  • Deloitte
Direct Employeers
  • DRC
  • Findley Davies
  • Insight Performance
  • HR Diversified
  • James F. Reda


  • BDO Seidman
  • Eisner Amper
  • Hudson Mann
  • IBIS Advisors
  • Innovations
  • ICAP Group
  • Marcus Buckingham
  • Sibson Consultants

Strategic Alliances

Candidate Relationship Management

First Advantage



Learning Content


Technology Partners




  • Boomi

Social Career Centers


Social Networks


Resellers and Distributors


Bullseye Evaluation


  • PDI
  • Workitect

Talent Management

Bullseye Evaluation




  • Commonwealth HR