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Why Are there Not More Women in Senior Roles?

With all the media attention, awards ceremonies and the public commitment from CEOs and chairmen, shouldn’t this movement have gained its own momentum by now? Apparently not. In the UK, numbers are creeping up slowly for female board appointments and are moving even more slowly for executive appointments.

Big Data, Trying to Build Better Workers

Last December, for example, I.B.M. completed its $1.3 billion acquisition of Kenexa, a recruiting, hiring and training company. Kenexa’s corps of more than 100 industrial organizational psychologists and researchers was one attraction, but so was its data: Kenexa surveys and assesses 40 million job applicants, workers and managers a year
Fed Up Of Never Being Top Dog?

In 21st-century Britain, ambitious and clever women are still failing to squeeze themselves into the top jobs and hovering just below the title of Queen Bee despite our rosy prospects – and the statistics prove it.
Building Ethical Business Cultures: BRIC by BRIC

As the economies of Brazil, Russia, India, and China (BRICs) continue to grow both in size and clout, and their resident multinational corporations become major players in global markets, questions pertaining to trust and integrity, and of universally shared standards for ethical business behavior become important concerns for numerous stakeholders.
Women and Leadership: Staying the Course

International Women's Day is a great opportunity to take stock and celebrate what has been achieved in improving women's rights and their access to decision-making roles as well as to focus our attention on what still needs to be done.
Culture Drives Employment Brand

Kenexa research has shown that organizational culture and employee engagement drive business performance, said Bill Erickson, Kenexa’s consultancy practice leader, during the same conference session. The key is to find what matters most to employees and integrate that into the employment brand and workplace culture.

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