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How AMC Theatres Increased Sales, Profits and Engagement

I marveled then at how great a manager he was, out in front interacting with customers during a busy time, softly selling for more concession sales. And I remembered this incident as I read a new case study just released by Kenexa about the success AMC Theatres is having with a focus on both “fit” and “engagement.”
The Effect of a Graying Workforce on Succession Planning

The American workforce is growing grayer. As a result of the recession and the slow economic recovery, many older workers are delaying retirement and staying in the workforce in record numbers.
Why Is Cultural Intelligence Important?

When organisations require people to connect internationally - working with colleagues who are located internationally, working with newcomers to their home countries or working in a foreign country - it is critical for them to demonstrate cultural sensitivity in order to achieve business objectives.
Dealing with the Eemployee Engagement Deficit

The link between engagement and performance is clear, according to Dr Jack Wiley, executive director of Kenexa's High Performance Institute (HPI), whose annual WorkTrends report was one of the key data sources for MacLeod and Clarke's engagement taskforce report, Engage For Success.
UK jobs outlook remains positive

A comprehensive report by Kenexa, an engagement consultancy, claims that 20m workers are not fully engaged at work, costing UK GDP some £26bn a year in lost productivity, sick pay and earnings.
Thinking Global, Hiring Local

As oil-and-gas pipeline service company T.D. Williams began an expansion into new countries a few years ago, the strain on recruiting efforts became so great that it threatened the success of the entire strategy. HR was able to resolve this challenge by partnering with Kenexa, a Wayne, Pa.-based recruitment-process outsourcing provider, which took over most of TDW's recruitment efforts in the regions where TDW had only weak or non-existent resources. Not only did Kenexa apply more resources to the effort than TDW could have reasonably done, it also gave the pipeline-service company the advantage of intimate knowledge of the new sites' cultures, laws and technologies.

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