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UK Spouses' Childcare Commitments Are Critical To Female Workers' Success

A study from the Kenexa High Performance Institute undertaken, surveyed 2,500 professional men and women from across the UK, U.S., Brazil, China and Japan, asking them in detail about the barriers and enablers to career progression. UK respondents whose spouse played an important part in childcare said they received more promotions in the last five years and expected more promotions in the future than those with any other childcare arrangement.
Women's Active Pursuit of Jobs Leads to Better Career Development

A report by the Kenexa High Performance Research Institute found that better career development in two emerging economies was a result of women actively looking for more critical job assignments there, explained Ines Wichert, a London-based senior psychologist at the research and development unit of U.S. human-resources company Kenexa Corp. (Subscription required to read the full article.)
Women and the Workplace: The Benefits of Gender Diversity Put to the Test

Sweeping generalisations are among the great dangers to be avoided when discussing the appointment of more women at senior levels in business. Broad statements – no matter how intuitive – about “what women bring” are potentially damaging both to the cause itself and to its desired effect, which is better leadership.
‘No – $56m won’t change my life much’

IBM announced in August that it would buy Kenexa, the human resources software and research company founded 25 years ago by Mr Karsan, for $1.3bn in an all-cash deal expected to be finalised by the end of the year. Nooruddin “Rudy” Karsan, who will be 55 next month, does not expect his life to change much.
Tackling the Brain-Drain

A big part of the current debate about women in leadership is about board quotas, but equally critical is the need to tackle the so-called “brain drain”. We must examine why, for years now, women graduates have been entering the workforce in equal numbers to men but are still not making it into senior roles.
IBM’s Acquisition of Kenexa: Sign of the Times for 3 Trends in HR Tech

The combined IBM/Kenexa organization will blend IBM’s capabilities with data with Kenexa’s ability to harvest data across HR functions using a mature set of tools such as ATS, surveys, and assessments, while helping IBM gain additional competency in the measurement of human traits that are important for defining, evaluating, and managing performance within the workplace.

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