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Meet the New Boss: Big Data

For more and more companies, the hiring boss is an algorithm. The factors they consider are different than what applicants have come to expect.
IBM Offers Social Learning Capabilities With the Release of Kenexa Learning Suite 3.0

So IBM snapped up Kenexa a couple of weeks ago for US$ 1.26 billion in deal that will expand its enterprise social networking footprint, but it didn’t say a lot about what it was hoping to do, nor what it was buying until this week’s release of Learning Suite 3.0.
His 'Greater-Good' Vision for the Kenexa-IBM Deal

There are business deals involving bankers, brokers and lawyers, and then there's saving the world. Maybe IBM's $1.3 billion pending acquisition of Kenexa Corp., the Wayne-based human-resources software and research company, is a little bit of both.
Civil Service Reform: A More Flexible Culture for Employees?

The Government’s reform plan announced in June sets out the ambition to reform the civil service into a sharper, quicker, more agile ‘machine’ to meet the unprecedented challenges facing the UK.
Number of stressed employees trebles if they have inflexible hours, according to KHPI

The number of workers reporting unreasonable levels of stress is more than three times higher if their working hours were inflexible, according to research by the Kenexa High Performance Institute (KHPI).
Reform of the Civil Service Starts at the Top

The government has a plan to reform the civil service into a sharper, quicker, more agile "machine". This plan will fail unless the machine's people have the skills, development and leadership required to deliver it.

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