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Ask Staff What They Think -- and Watch Performance Rise

Over the past two weeks, KenexaJRA has hosted information sessions in Auckland and Wellington to launch the Kenexa Best Workplaces Survey for 2012.
The Human Risk Factor

HR leaders at the nation's largest companies are taking steps to manage what has been identified as one of the top risks facing businesses: keeping top talent engaged, challenged and less likely to leave in a rebounding economy.
Kenexa named Top 20 Leadership Training Companies

As part of its commitment to continuously monitor the training marketplace for the best providers and services, has released its 2012 Top 20 Leadership Training Companies List.
Career Resolutions: How to Negotiate a Raise

As you set career goals for 2012, a raise might be on your list. After all, the economy is slowly recovering, unemployment is ticking down and your employer is likely in a better financial position than in the last year or three.
Ways for Women to Get Noticed

Over the past 40 years women have made great strides in the workplace and up until about their late 20s they progress well. Then, two things tend to slow a woman’s career progression: motherhood and the move from middle to senior management.
Women on the Board

It has been six months since the publication of Lord Davies’ report on women’s representation on FTSE 100 Boards, and the progress report published by Cranfield School of Management reported slow but significant progress.

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