A Smarter Workforce Makes Smarter Business

The Power of a Smarter Workforce

We have a lofty goal—To Reinvent Work. We understand this is no small task, but we are not a small-thinking company. We’ve always worked to create solutions that solve big problems. So then, what could be bigger than helping organizations reinvent their workforce so they can demand more?

The Challenges of Work Today

The problems the workforce and business are facing today are two sides of the same coin. Employees encounter a number of challenges that can hamper their growth or limit their potential, including:

  • Difficulty finding the perfect job, or in some cases, any job
  • Lacking understanding in the skills they have or need
  • Taking jobs they aren’t suited for
  • Plateauing at their jobs when they have more to give
  • Disengaging or limiting their full potential

Employers struggle with finding top talent and leveraging the best from the talent they have. Businesses today often:

  • Can’t fill specific positions
  • Fail to create optimal working environments
  • Struggle to retain talent, especially their best people
  • Lack the ability to get the best out of their people

But when we understand these problems, we can work to address them. So what’s driving this change in work today?

The Changing Nature of Work

The need to reinvent work today is being driven by four major shifts—the rise of social business, big data and analytics, mobile technology, and the independent worker. Each of these shifts are accelerating and magnifying the problems we have today. And they will create entirely new obstacles for people and employers to overcome.

But these four shifts are also making it possible for people and employers to partner and work in new and better ways, generating more value, greater meaning, with increasing efficiency and effectiveness. So the good news is that the solution lies within the model of the problem.

Bringing the Idea of a Smarter Workforce to Life

To reinvent the way we work, we have to ask, what if we could harness the power of big data and analytics with human insight? Leverage human behavior and workforce solutions? And drive social and mobile technologies to bring people and employers together to do more meaningful work that drives business? Then, we could truly reinvent work and realize the promise of a Smarter Workforce.

Bringing together each of these elements and leveraging them to drive business is what a Smarter Workforce is all about. Smarter Workforce is the most powerful workforce solution ever introduced—it’s the combination of human insight, technology efficiencies and big data analytics that empowers business to not only predict outcomes, but to drive them.

So what does a Smarter Workforce actually look like? A Smarter Workforce is smarter when:

  • Behavioral science identifies what makes people good at what they do and organizations thrive because of it
  • Technology just doesn’t drive efficiency, it fuels collective innovation
  • Analytics is both a predictive and management tool critical for driving continual improvement

Our expertise and years of dedication to understanding human behavior, and building services and technology that change business outcomes, now has the foundation to be more powerful than ever. Combined with one of the world’s leading social platforms and analytics capabilities, we can not only better understand the workforce, but we can predict outcomes, empower people and capitalize on collective intelligence to gain outcomes we never thought possible. Because what’s good for people is good for organizations and together, they can change the world.


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