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Redesigning Work Creates A Smarter Workforce

Kenexa White Paper

Work. It’s something nearly three billion people do every day, but few of us really enjoy it. Through the years, work has gone from a means of providing basic needs, to granting dignity, status and satisfaction. Work will eventually become a means of identity—a time when the work you do will proudly define who you are. This evolution is placing added complexities on businesses as they engage the individual, recognize talent, attract the very best, and open up channels of communication and collaboration.

If we can help employees understand their true talents and, in turn, help them find work that will use their full capabilities, the employee and the employer will both benefit. This requires a fundamental shift in thinking and attitudes about work. Companies need to rethink the way they go about attracting, empowering and motivating their employees. And in fact, IBM, because of its recent acquisition of Kenexa, is the only company in the marketplace that takes each of these dynamics into account to provide solutions that meet the workforce challenges of today and tomorrow.

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  • Examples of companies that have leveraged the power of a Smarter Workforce

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About Kenexa, an IBM Company

To us, business has always been personal—and it’s always been about making the workforce smarter, which is why we’re proud to be the platform for a Smarter Workforce. We look at it from two angles—empowering people and transforming business. Our tools enable businesses to attract and keep the best people, develop their skills, cultivate new leaders and capitalize on their collective intelligence by applying human insights, social tools and workforce analytics to transform the way they work. We provide deep insight and experience in employee engagement, talent management and leadership development mixed with the world’s best technology and social platforms, giving us the unique ability to build a Smarter Workforce.