A Smarter Workforce Makes Smarter Business

The Solutions of a Smarter Workforce

Talent Areas
Talent Areas

Building a Smarter Workforce takes the right solutions to help your organization Energize Life’s Work. Whether you’re looking for a single solution to start or an entire workforce solution, we offer the tools you need to realize the promise of a Smarter Workforce.

Our Five Solutions Areas

We categorize our solutions into the five key areas that make up a Smarter Workforce:

Talent Acquisition: Attracting the right candidates to the right roles through precision and science, and using social tools to make them productive more quickly.

This area includes solutions like Employment Branding, Recruitment Solutions, Sourcing, Employee Assessments, Onboarding, Strategic Workforce Planning and Best Fit Expertise.

Talent Leadership and Engagement: Connecting the power of a highly engaged and fully enabled workforce with leaders aligned with critical roles to optimize organizational performance.

This area includes solutions like Cultural and Leadership Assessments, Leadership Development and Coaching, Succession Planning, Employee Engagement, Diversity & Inclusion and 360 Surveys.

Talent Optimization: Rapidly developing, deploying, and optimizing workforce skills and capabilities, while capitalizing on an interconnected, social and collaborative workforce.

This area includes solutions like Learning and Development, Performance Management, Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration, and Best Fit Expertise.

Talent Recognition and Rewards: Optimizing the way employees are recognized and rewarded across the enterprise to attract, retain and stimulate top performance.

This area includes solutions like Compensation, Employee Recognition, Incentive Planning and Awards.

Talent Analytics: Transforming the way decisions are made through descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics, enabling data-driven insights.

This area includes solutions like Big Data, Advanced Analytics, Visualization, Workforce Science and Workforce Metrics.

A Smarter Planet requires a Smarter Workforce.

To reinvent work, and to build a Smarter Planet, you have to build a Smarter Workforce. A recent study revealed 71 percent of CEOs rated their employees as their most important source of sustained economic value. So, there’s no doubt the need to build a Smarter Workforce is there. But the real question is, “how?”

First, you have to think about your workforce in a proactive, not reactive way. Design it, don’t shape it. But to get to the “how,” you need to start by asking the right questions:

  • What do you need your workforce to do for your business?
  • What jobs within your workforce are critical to success?
  • How do you attract the very best people and keep them for those jobs?
  • What motivates (and demotivates) your employees?
  • What tools do they need to empower them?

Understanding answers to these questions leads you to the right solutions that are right for you and your business—powerful, unique tools designed to bring an organization and its workforce in sync.

Every company’s story is different. But every story begins somewhere.

We’d love to help you discover how you can reinvent your workforce and Energize Life’s Work. Let’s arrange a workshop session to more deeply understand your challenges. By partnering with us, we want you to realize the power of a Smarter Workforce and that the smarter your workforce is, the more your business can grow.


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