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Assessment Solutions

Our portfolio of over 1,500 ready-to-use assessments is the most expansive in the industry. We have also developed countless custom assessments tailored specifically to the needs of client organizations. Below, we have provided a brief overview of the different types of assessments we offer.


  • Fit Assessments

    Kenexa fit assessments are designed to help match the right candidate to the right job, culture or career. Alignment between people and their jobs, organizational cultures or their careers increases employee engagement with the company—improving performance and creating more value for the organization.
  • Behavioral Asssessments

    Kenexa behavioral assessments—including personality, cognitive ability and situational judgment assessments—are designed to predict performance by asking questions and creating situations that elicit responses revealing candidate personality traits, biographical history and problem solving ability. Our behavioral-based assessments typically measure a candidate’s capacity and capability, including his or her natural talent in a certain area, work style preferences, acquired experience, as well as a combination of cognition and knowledge. This data is then used to create a candidate profile of strengths and developmental needs.
  • Skills Assessments

    Kenexa offers skills assessments for a all kinds of roles and industries and in many languages. Assessing applicants’ skills is a quick and effective way to sift through large talent pools and determine if the basic skills for the job role are met.
  • Simulations

    Kenexa simulations offer unique online assessments that leverage the most advanced technologies to engage candidates in a virtual, simulated environment. These animated or video-based assessments include avatars who narrate and guide the candidate through the assessment experience. Simulations are validated to predict top performance of the most talented employees. Our simulations deliver accurate job previews and help ensure candidates thoroughly understand the demands of the role. Branding and working environments are configured to your specifications and the assessment is created based upon identified competencies.
  • Onboarding

    Kenexa has developed assessments to help hiring managers accelerate the time-to-productivity of new hires and understand their learning styles. Assessing an individual’s motivation helps hiring managers and supervisor better understand how to encourage new hires and improve time-to-productivity. Likewise, understanding an employee’s preferred learning style will help maximize his or her potential while reducing stress and anxiety through the onboarding experience.


  • Online structured interviews

    Interview Builder® provides a powerful online structured interview reference library of more than 3,000 questions that increase interviewer confidence, efficiency, accuracy and defensibility. Use Interview Builder to custom select behavioral, situational, attitudinal and job knowledge questions to encourage candidates to speak freely about their experiences. Interview Builder generates and provides a broad spectrum of job analysis tools, job description templates, interview guides and competency profiles. Superior training for creating and conducting competency-linked, structured interviews is also available.
  • Telephone-based structured interviews

    Insight® interviews have a proven track record of accurately predicting performance. Our team of professionals work directly with your company to gather information and conduct a thorough analysis of the most talented performers in different positions throughout your organization. Then, Insight delivers a telephone-based structured interview that can be used to assess candidates, as well as enhance developmental growth for current employees. This service can significantly improve individual and group performance while reducing turnover.


  • Assessment Centers can simultaneously assesses a candidate’s potential and performance through a variety of tests, interviews and simulation exercises including presentation exercises, role playing, group exercises, in-tray exercises, written analysis exercises, workflow simulations and practice interview sessions. Assessment centers offer all of the same benefits of online skills or behavioral assessments while promoting a real-world feel of job expectations and behaviors.


  • Assessments that use avatars, flash technology and videos are often grouped into the same category. At Kenexa, we have technology that can support many different types of media used to assess candidates. This technology offers the unique advantage of engaging candidates in a virtual environment, allowing employers to predict the performance of the most talented employees.

* All Kenexa behavioral assessments have proven validity and contain no bias toward protected groups.

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