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CompAnalyst vs Spreadsheets
CompAnalyst vs Spreadsheets

If your company has a market-based approach to compensation, Kenexa® CompAnalyst will enable you to spend time and money where it counts. Our powerful software solution streamlines market pricing, salary range development, equity analysis and pay program design—increasing visibility into compensation programs across the organization. This helps clarify exactly where your company stands in relation to external benchmarks and internal targets.

We know you need to set pay rates that enable your organization to attract, retain and motivate employees, so CompAnalyst offers a complete set of on-demand modules that help you make faster, smarter decisions about pay—all in a single web-based system. This reduces the time you spend on managing loads of data, so you can focus on more strategic activities.

Streamline the market pricing process

To make better, faster market pricing decisions, you need to centralize internal data and replace the process of managing countless spreadsheets with an easy-to-use software tool. CompAnalyst can help you reduce the time it takes for market pricing and survey participation from weeks to hours—saving you valuable time and resources. Our solution also gives you the confidence you need to ensure defensible and consistent market rates, while reducing errors across departments and locations.

Make better, faster decisions

Kenexa CompAnalyst helps you understand where your company’s dollars are being spent—whether it’s by location, business unit or performance rating. We can also help you easily identify problem areas. From internal pay targets that are misaligned with the market to employees who are paid outside your organization’s pay philosophy, CompAnalyst provides the insight you need to improve your existing programs.

Access reliable data and content

You need data you can trust. That’s why we offer salary data and job descriptions for more than 4,000 benchmark jobs across 20 industries, 240 metros and 30 size categories—giving you strong, dependable data to supplement your own market rates. We also know that no single survey is perfect, so we provide information that gives you insight on the hard-to-find job roles where your surveys may lack coverage. With job descriptions and competency content to supplement your existing job catalogue, you can be sure that we’ll have exactly what you need when you need it.

Tailor your approach

We know that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work. So CompAnalyst is built to support compensation approaches that range in complexity—from simple to sophisticated, our offering keeps pace with your team and business. This means even if your needs or structure change, you won’t need to find another solution. With full global capabilities, CompAnalyst can be deployed in any language, strengthening the reach of your company’s programs.


  • Centralized Survey Library 
  • Market Composite Building
  • Advanced Market Pricing
  • Salary Structure Design and Analysis
  • Merit Matrix Development
  • Standard and Ad-Hoc Reporting
  • Global/Multi-Language Enabled
  • Extensive Benchmark Salary Data
  • Flexible, Configurable Software and Service Offerings