Compensation by Kenexa

Executive Pay Benchmarking

Kenexa® CompAnalyst Executive 

Researching accurate compensation for executives used to require a big time investment. Now, with Kenexa CompAnalyst Executive, you get executive compensation intelligence at your fingertips. CompAnalyst Executive combines compensation benchmarking with dynamic reporting to make investigating executive pay easy and fast. With a research engine built to easily identify executive and director compensation trends and practices, you can be sure you’ll get the quality data you need to fairly price and compare executive positions—leaving you to focus on more strategic initiatives for your workforce. 

Simplify the executive pay process

With Kenexa CompAnalyst Executive, you can streamline the way you benchmark executive pay. By searching data extracted directly from annual reports or proxy filings, you can identify relevant and defensible peer companies based on the criteria you’re looking for.  We also give you the ability to easily build and manage peer groups, compare practices across groups and get serious about drilling down into any reported detail. And with the option of producing top notch reports and getting custom data feeds and scheduling, we guarantee you’ll love how easy executive pay can be.  

Gain confidence from your data

We know a single source for in-depth information and data is what you need. So that’s what we offer. CompAnalyst Executive gives you the most accurate, comprehensive data source for executive pay. Our team of certified compensation professionals does the work of collecting, compiling and ensuring that you get reliable, timely executive and director compensation information. Why do we do it? So you can focus on managing the compensation strategies that matter in your company.


  • Data From Proxy Filings and Reports, Including 8-K, 10K/Annual Reports and DEF 14A
  • Real Time Verification From Links to Source Data
  • 50+ Different Data Search Criteria 
  • Peer Group Construction 
  • Email Alerts to Notify Changes In Peer Companies
  • Reports For Executive/Post-Employment, Board of Directors, CD&A Analytics/360 Degree Peer Group Reporting, Benefits and Perquisites, Dilution, Form 4, Financial Performance, and FAS123R Assumption