Compensation by Kenexa

Global Compensation Surveys

Our Global Compensation Surveys are designed and conducted to represent compensation and benefits practices for specific industries or geographies. We follow industry best practices for collecting and presenting our survey data—so you can trust that the data you receive is up-to-date and completely accurate.

Participation is easy and confidentiality is guaranteed. All submissions are sent directly to us without disclosing any information to third parties. Your company’s data is never incorporated into any consumer tool. Plus our reports are user friendly—we offer results online, in PDF, spreadsheet of CSV for fast comparison and market analysis.

Kenexa IPAS Global High Technology

For high-tech companies looking to compete for talent in a global market, it’s important to have a single source of go-to information that will price and compare jobs around the world. That’s where Kenexa IPAS Global High Technology Survey comes in. IPAS provides key data on base salary, incentives, allowances, benefits, long-term incentives and merit increase budgets. By knowing how compensation costs vary across countries—and setting pay rates that attract, retain and motivate employees—you can stay one step ahead in search for top talent.

From organizations in software, telecommunications and networking to those in semiconductors, electronics and computer systems, our data offers benchmarks for the top technology companies today. IPAS Global High Technology features data from nearly 400 participants across 100 countries. Our up-to-date information gives you data for your most important markets—even down to the city level. With breakouts on everything from revenue to geography to industry segment to new hires versus existing hires, our solution provides you with the benchmarks that cover all segments of the technology market.

Kenexa IPAS Global Consumer Industry

For compensation surveys on consumer goods, we offer Kenexa IPAS Global Consumer Industry. Our Global Consumer Industry Compensation Survey covers industry-specific and corporate jobs across the apparel, footwear, luxury goods and specialty retail sectors. Focusing on ease-of-use for participants, we cover critical data elements—like base salary, target bonus and stock eligibility—while maintaining a simple data submission process.

We feature 25 job families categorized by industry, segment, size and geographic area. And where appropriate, data are categorized by outlet/flagship store or by premium location. With data from over 150 brands, our solution gives you the critical benchmarks you need for jobs in apparel, footwear, retail and luxury segments.