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Job-Based Competencies

Kenexa Competency Solutions

Time that’s spent on analyzing, interviewing, and writing job models and competencies could be time spent assessing skills gaps, delivering job-specific learning programs, managing performance, hiring the right people or building compensation strategies for your company. Our independently researched job-based competency library offers the broadest and deepest range of common skills classifications and criteria around. It enables you to take advantage of our job-based competency profiles with ready-to-use job descriptions and competencies, including proficiency-based behavioral statements. Each of these are immediately useful in supporting your talent management and business objectives through competency-specific development goals, coaching tips, learning suggestions and interview questions. Spanning across 18 industry sectors from banking and financial services, healthcare and high tech to insurance, manufacturing and retail, our job-specific functional and technical competencies library saves you time and money to focus on what matters to your workforce.

Get the coverage you need and want

Finding the competency information you need—when you need it—requires that you have access to the largest and most reliable competency library available today. With more than 1,700 competencies offered, our solution features both a robust and mature architecture that’s validated through more than 20 years of customer application. Even better, all of our competencies are connected with one or more of our nearly 2,500 job models and within each job model, specific competencies that are most critical to each job are identified. 

The job models are also mapped to our benchmark compensation data, giving you a complete picture of what you need people to do, how they can do it and what their compensation should look like. What does all of this mean for you? It means you get the coverage you need to support your internal strategies and programs against objective, consistent skills needs. 

Customize your content 

Working smarter, not harder just makes sense. That’s why we’ve built all the ready-to-use competency content you need. You just tailor it for your organization. It’s the best that buy-and-build can offer—job profiles and content that can be customized to your company’s language and culture. Using our Competency Solutions saves time and shows a quicker return than other projects. And because it’s supported by Kenexa Competency Consultancy and our unique CompetencyManager tool, we can help you ensure effective implementation in your culture, processes and software solutions.


  • 1,700+ Total Competencies
  • 100+ Foundational Competencies
  • 1,600+ Functional/Technical Competencies 
  • Each Competency Includes Description with 21 Behavioral Statements
  • Up to 15 Learning References, Five Development Statements, Five Coaching Tips, Five Interview Questions for Each Competency
  • All Competencies Associated with One or More of 2,500 Job