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Measuring, Predicting and Enabling Performance: A Powerful Combination

You may be looking to us to conduct your next survey, help make your leadership stronger or identify top performers and qualified candidates—and we’re happy about that. We have the tools to accomplish just those things.

But when it comes down to it, the real power of what we do lies in pulling all of this together—it’s the power of measuring, predicting and enabling performance that will truly transform your organization. No other company can bring these three content areas together like we do to help you create a high performance workforce.



Every organization faces unique challenges and needs—and yours is no different. That’s why we first carefully analyze every detail to focus in on the key drivers of your organization that have the greatest impact on engagement levels and business performance.

We know that helping you translate employee feedback into business performance is critical. So we design our surveys to reflect the priorities and initiatives of your company and correlate it back to your key business metrics. Our four-step process, featuring Program Design, Administration, Reporting and Behavior Change, identifies how to engage your workforce to its fullest potential. And after you understand the drivers that engage your organization, you can link that data to business metrics that truly transform your workforce.


We then help you predict the right kind of people who will succeed in your organization. A true candidate-to-organization match happens when a person has the right combination of capacity, capability and culture fit to succeed within your organization. When these three components are measured and stacked up against the unique drivers of your organization, it leads to the most accurate prediction possible.

Predicting performance accurately requires having the largest database in the industry. Last year alone, our Assessments enabled businesses across the world to define the skills, behaviors and abilities of over 47 million candidates and employees. Our Assessments follow industry best practices and regulation standards, so you can use them with confidence and know your results are defensible. Our Assessments are built on the science of human behavior and our outcomes are measurable—creating higher return and better business for you.


Great organizations are built by great leaders. That’s why we measure capacity and capability to determine leadership strength, development needs and talent. We understand that every organization has different business challenges and leadership criteria. So we address the issues that affect your business by understanding the behaviors that drive customer focus, effective change, innovation and creativity, inclusive cultures and sustainable strategies. We identify the key leadership behaviors that drive your employee engagement and, ultimately, your organizational performance.

We can also predict which leaders are capable now and which leaders need further development. This provides you with the best-in-class method of selecting the right leaders, validating their talent, building succession pipelines and developing incumbent leaders to reach higher levels of performance. Combining this with our leadership development plans further aligns your specific business goals to improve overall leadership effectiveness across your organization.


We pull all these three areas together so you can create a high performance workforce. Because the truth is, to make a real difference, you need proof that it’s worth the investment. We get it. Our Survey, Assessment and Leadership Solutions are best-in-class, but they are only the beginning. The real power of transformation happens when the three come together, giving you the tools to measure, predict and enable performance that builds your business.

We are the only company that can offer this approach. And we are the only company that can package it in just the right way to provide you, and your organization, the potential of your workforce. Our goal isn’t to simply put solutions in place—but to continuously track momentum to ensure we are delivering you a high return on investment.

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