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Leadership Solutions

Leadership has never been more crucial than it is now. Why? Because when employees report they follow effective leaders, the average employee engagement score is 91 percent compared to 17 percent for employees who report neutral or ineffective leaders. The impact of this on business performance is important—it’s data like this that’s making business across the world stand up and take notice. The bottom line is that great organizations are built by great leaders.

Organizations scoring in the top 25 percent of leadership effectiveness realized 5.7 times greater diluted earnings per share in the following year than organizations scoring in the bottom 25 percent.
- KHPI, 2011

Our approach is a practical one—it focuses on improving business performance based on solid research, and the world’s best measurement and development techniques. Our extensive research has shown that leadership drives employee engagement and performance excellence, and it’s why our methodology is based on assessing and developing specific leadership capabilities that drive high performance.

What defines a great leader is different for every organization, but the underlying foundation remains the same. We work closely with you to understand your unique business requirements. Whether you’re looking for solutions to identify emerging leaders and build respective career paths, develop the skills of mid-level managers to impact change and accelerate business performance, or help senior leaders work together effectively to drive clear, consistent strategies and messages—we can help.

In just one day, we can objectively measure an individual’s ability to lead—a process that takes most organizations years. We accomplish this through a three step process of defining, measuring, and developing—leading to successful business outcomes.

Leadership: Define, Measure and Develop

Defining Leadership

Revealing the effectiveness of existing leaders and managers across your organization, and defining the challenges they face, quality of work they do and the impact they make on a cultural and fiscal level, allows you to benchmark leadership strength against regional and global organizations. This gives you clear insight and perspective on how to improve leadership capability and performance.

We believe that leaders are most successful when they have the capacity, capability and culture fit to succeed within your organization. Capacity uncovers the innate talents, reach and drive a person is born with. Capability defines acquired skills, education, background and experience. And Cultural Fit uncovers how well an individual will fit within the walls of your organization.

Measuring Leadership

When these three areas are measured independently and stacked up against the unique drivers of your organization and our global high performance benchmarks, we can predict which leaders are capable now, and which leaders need further development. This provides you with the best-in-class way of selecting the right leaders, validating their talent, building succession pipelines and developing incumbent leaders to reach higher levels of performance.

Developing Leadership

Creating leadership development plans that are aligned to your specific business strategies will improve overall leadership effectiveness across your organization. By using our leadership model, consisting of 12 High Performance Behaviors, we can develop the key behaviors that drive high performing leaders in your organization. We offer a blended approach through integrating both formal and informal elements of learning by using the 70-20-10 formula to help leaders grow and adapt their approach and behavior to an array of environments:

  • 70 percent real-life and on-the-job experiences, including manager toolkits, action learning, coaching culture
  • 20 percent feedback from observations and role models, featuring development centers, on-demand coaching
  • 10 percent formal training, including behavioral master classes, eLearning, manager effectiveness training

Our leadership solutions provide organizations with reliable and objective data on the strength of their leadership population. What could be more valuable?

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