Recruitment Technology by Kenexa


High performance organizations understand the importance learning and development play in increasing engagement, decreasing time to productivity and retaining top talent. They understand that managing development and implementing learning programs that complement those efforts and sit parallel to future business requirements is critical to a successful learning solution. It’s no secret that properly trained and knowledgeable employees make better informed decisions and respond quickly to business needs—leading to greater success for your company.

With our full-featured Integrated Learning Suite, you can manage all your learning needs for formal and social learning, including classroom, virtual, online and mobile as well as collaboration, networking, sharing and the ability to rate content and share experiences. Our Social Learning Management System (LMS) gives you a full learning management system that optimizes the effectiveness and efficiency of training administrators and learners, while our Mobile Learning Solution allows your organization to develop, deliver and analyze all types of device-independent mobile content. You can also save time and money in developing, managing, maintaining and deploying the content that is unique to your organization through our integrated Learning Content Management System (LCMS). Plus our Social Business Software integrates social networking, collaboration and knowledge-sharing technologies in a secure, managed environment. Depending on your needs, the Kenexa Learning Suite can work as a comprehensive solution or be implemented as a phased approach to meet the growing needs of your company.