Recruitment Technology by Kenexa

Compensation Management

Compensation should be a strategic lever used to drive high performance in your company. That’s why we offer Compensation Management tools that support a pay-for-performance culture. Our Compensation Management solution empowers your organization to implement strategies that compensate employees fairly through a variety of compensation plans. We can help you identify current employee compensation trends, easily pinpoint fair employee compensation for all talent levels, plan for pay increases and align compensation directly to performance. Because when employees have a clear career path that aligns to recognition and compensation, they stay more focused, engaged and motivated—increasing organizational alignment and return on investment.

Our compensation recommendations take into account current and past performance, goal achievement, development, succession plans, place in range and other important inputs. Multi-dimensional merit matrices, with automated workflows and approval processes, ensure that your managers are empowered to make accurate and fair compensation recommendations without going over budget. And our reporting and analytics provide insight into exceptions and outliers, allowing your company to review performance data and ensure that recommendations are defensible.


Our TalentManager – Compensation tool helps provide recommendations to support pay-for-performance. Employee compensation can be automatically allocated based on existing rules, employee performance, goal achievement, development and other criteria. Compensation managers can allocate budgets to all managers within the system and access budget status reports to identify information about how the budget is being used by different managers in your organization.

Annual and Quarterly Plans

Using TalentManager – Compensation makes it easy to administer both annual and quarterly compensation plans. The system can be configured so that during specific timeframes, different employee compensation plans can be administered. Compensation plans work in conjunction with annual and quarterly performance appraisals to promote pay-for-performance.

Merit, Bonus, Stock, Lump-sum and Other Incentives

Our solution supports different employee compensation plans that include salary increase, bonus increase and stock or equity incentives. We help you easily configure complex calculations to enhance individual compensation management.

Market Salary Data

TalentManager – Compensation can be integrated seamlessly with any major salary survey information system to acquire the standards for a particular position or job family.