Recruitment Technology by Kenexa

Performance Management

Using Performance Management tools to track and manage competency assessments, performance appraisals, goal achievement, development plans and individual career goals will help your organization reduce administrative costs, ensure legal compliance and standardize performance management processes.

Competency Assessments and Performance Appraisals

Our Performance Management tools help you easily manage performance reviews and workflows. We help managers through the employee assessment process for existing workers by providing rating and writing assistants to ensure objectivity. This removes any confusion and eliminates biased ratings and comments.

Streamlined Development Planning

We offer Performance Management tools that make it easy for users to create development plans based on the strengths and opportunities that are identified using specific assessments, including performance assessments and evaluations. Resources such as sample action steps and activities can be assigned to each development item for improvement.

Save Time and Reduce Dependence on Forms

Our simple online Performance Management tools allow your organization to end extensive paper appraisals—speeding up the entire evaluation process and providing accurate information for performance assessment.