Recruitment Technology by Kenexa

Succession Management

Developing your talent ensures you build the workforce you need both today and tomorrow. That’s where TalentManager comes in. Our solution can help you in talent planning and talent mobility—giving you better visibility of and tools to assess your talent inventory, talent gaps and risks, and organizational needs. We give you exactly what you need to identify at-risk positions and new positions needed to meet market demands and growth needs.

TalentManager helps you develop competency and profile requirements for each job to identify the characteristics of qualified successors and provide development opportunities for current employees based upon identified gaps and career aspirations. Qualified candidates, successors or employees selected for positions in the succession planning process can see where they stand in comparison to the actual position requirements and begin creating development plans based on the identified gaps.

To make your succession planning process more effective, TalentManager identifies priority jobs and future openings to create a pool of successors. Creating succession plans is easy and straightforward—allowing you to access all nominations from managers and employees with a single click.