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Global Talent Acquisition

Transform your workforce

To find top talent, you first need to manage applicant volume, and empower your recruiters and managers to quickly identify quality candidates. Kenexa 2x BrassRing does just this—but doesn’t stop there. We know that full-cycle talent management involves sourcing, assessing, hiring and onboarding high quality talent. 2x BrassRing integrates fully with our other talent management and recruitment solutions so you can do more than find candidates—you find top candidates who are the right fit for your company.

Fuel business growth

Kenexa 2x BrassRing helps you establish relationships with candidates through traditional and social-based recruiting and respond rapidly to talent demands by accessing robust talent pools, including active and passive candidates—both inside and outside of your company. This means we can help you leverage the strength of your employment brand to engage candidates and automate the prescreening and assessment process, freeing up your recruiters. As a tool for strategic growth, 2x BrassRing allows you to compete more effectively in today’s war for talent and is a proven solution for the largest companies globally.

Drive access to talent—whenever, wherever

2xBrassRing candidate portal

When you engage with candidates anytime, anywhere, you can proactively build your talent pipeline. As a market leader in mobile talent management, Kenexa 2x BrassRing delivers innovative social and mobile functionality to connect with candidates on a wide range of mobile and handheld devices. This helps drive candidate engagement with recruiters and managers, and gives you a steady stream of talent. With the ability to source and connect with candidates through social streams like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, we combine the best of consumer and social features to aid in promoting your employment brand—not to mention more transparency to candidates in the recruitment process.

Simplify the recruitment process

We offer a user experience that is simple and easy for your customers—recruiters, managers and candidates. With expert configuration, your company can be agile and flexible in its recruitment approach. In fact, we offer more than 34 languages to customers—this is more than just translations. We support currency, dates, processes and regulations. What does this mean for you? It means you can easily adapt from regional rollout to global scalability, standardize on a single, global platform, and manage all salaried, hourly and contract employees in one system.


  • 120 Million Candidate Records
  • System Users in More Than 120 Countries
  • Candidates Processed in Over 190 Countries
  • One Million Recruiters and Hiring Managers Per Day
  • 80,000 Candidates Per Day
2xBrassRing candidate portal

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