Recruitment Technology by Kenexa

Mid-Market Talent Acquisition

Find the right talent

Transforming your business starts with the right talent. We can help you efficiently source, assess and hire quality talent. This means not just identifying talent outside your organization, but recognizing and deploying talent within your company. Our solution can also give you the advantage of having all your valuable talent information in one place—helping you make quick and informed decisions that will impact your business. And using our multi-tiered screening and assessments to identify quality candidates, you can be confident that you’ve narrowed the field to highlight the most qualified, compatible candidates for each role.

Scale to fit your needs

We all know that talent strategies move fast—so you need a system that allows for rapid change and flexible configuration to ensure you can easily and quickly align with your strategy. You need a solution that is easy to deploy for your current size and has the scalability from regional to corporate deployments. Our solution allows you to consolidate and automate workflows to scale down complexity. It also gives you the ability to implement specific components of the solution that make sense for your organization. All of this adds up to a flexible system that can adapt to the size of your business.

Simplify the recruitment process

2xRecruit by Kenexa

Finding talent is all about efficiency. And that starts with automating tasks and processes—helping you spend less time on kicking off processes and more time on improving them. Our policy driven workflows drive consistency across the talent management lifecycle, and still give you the flexibility for configuration to ensure that each business unit, region and location can use common processes. We also provide dashboards that can be personalized to your needs and contain all relevant recruitment information. Our solution is easy-to-use and requires limited training for end users. What’s more is our leading mobile capabilities help your users focus on their jobs on-the-go—rather than worry about managing systems.

Engage your candidates

The best way to ensure the first impression of your organization is a positive one is by communicating with candidates in the way they prefer. You can leverage active communication throughout the hiring process. Our mobile and social capabilities give you the flexibility to interact with your top candidates in the way they feel most comfortable. And the seamless flow of data throughout the talent management lifecycle ensures that you give candidates a smooth transition from candidate to employee. We know all of this combined helps you reinforce a consistent employment brand and engage the candidates who will most impact your business.


  • Assessment Integration
  • Unified Talent Record
  • Ad Hoc and Standard Reporting
  • Administrative Flexibility
  • Personalized Dashboards
  • Configuration Flexibility
  • Mobile Capabilities
  • Process Consulting
  • Social Integration
Mid-Market Talent Acquisition

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