Recruitment Technology by Kenexa

Social Solutions

A Combination of Social Technology and Strategy

Understanding your target audience is key to attracting the right talent. From traditional media placement to harnessing the power of social media, sourcing the right talent requires multiple avenues that will build a pool of qualified candidates. Kenexa Social Solutions offer unique ways for you to source candidates by going beyond just technology. We give you the power to attract talent that best fits your organization—moving your company from a find to an attract model.

Social Solutions by Kenexa - Products and Services

With sourcing, candidate engagement and consulting, we can help you attract, connect with and recruit candidates like never before. Kenexa Social Solutions include a new candidate relationship management tool that focuses on social recruiting and building passive candidate relationships, social career centers to empower candidates to interact with your career center as they search and apply for jobs, and consulting and management to provide the baseline for your social recruitment brand strategy.

Social Solutions by Kenexa - Products and Services

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