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Part of our Thought Leadership includes featured publications written by our own workforce experts. The books they have authored are based on years of research, observation and extensive experience in their respective fields. These works are available in the market today and include:

WE: How to Increase Performance and Profits Through Full Engagement

WE: How to Increase Performance and Profits Through Full Engagement” by Rudy Karsan, CEO—Smarter Workforce, Kenexa, an IBM Company, and Kevin Kruse, CEO of Kru Research.

When someone asks what your employer does, do you answer by saying, “they do this,” or “WE do this?” Your response says a lot about how engaged you are—and that’s critical for both you and your organization. A disengaged workforce means lower levels of productivity and service, and ultimately lower growth and profits. It also means your emotions at work will spill over into other areas of your life and take a toll on your health and relationships.

In WE, Rudy Karsan and Kevin Kruse share the secrets for achieving full engagement at work with findings based on over 10 million worker surveys in 150 countries. They show the inevitable linkage between the success of the individual and the success of the organization. They highlight the three factors that drive one's level of engagement the most: Growth, Recognition, and Trust. And they detail the leadership behaviors that generate emotional buy-in and commitment from team members.

WE is an indispensable guide packed with solid research, case studies from innovative companies, and actionable steps that will both enhance your own engagement at work and transform your approach to leadership. WE explains how to assess employee engagement in your organization, drive your engagement numbers higher, and measure your progress. WE even includes a Manager’s Toolkit to help you take the first important steps. Once you do, you’ll see for yourself how engagement leads to “Better Earnings and Fatter Margins.”

Where Have all the Senior Women Gone

Where Have All the Senior Women Gone? 9 Critical Job Assignments for Women Leaders” by Dr. Ines Wichert,  Senior Psychologist, The High Performance Institute by Kenexa

Where Have All the Senior Women Gone? provides essential career guidance for corporate women with talent and ambition as well as advice for HR leaders on managing a diverse workforce. Dr. Wichert examines nine job assignments that every woman should have on her job resume in order to lay the way for promotion and progression. She also provides insights into the lessons learned by top senior women and men in business.