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Women in Leadership 

Diversity, inclusivity and equality are critical to organizational high performance, and the Kenexa Thought Leadership research sheds new light on the value of women in the workplace and why gender equality has yet to be achieved.

Dr. Ines Wichert leads the women in leadership work at Kenexa and is the author of the book, “Where Have All the Senior Women Gone? 9 Critical Job Assignments for Women Leaders.

Lastest research paper:

Enabling Women's Career Progression 

Enabling Women's Career Progression

The results of the latest High Performance Institute by Kenexa research programme can be found in the report: Enabling Women’s Career Progression. The study, undertaken by Dr Ines Wichert, surveyed 2,500 professional women and men from the five countries on the barriers and enablers to career progression, asking them about the actual number of promotions they had received over the last five years, how many promotions they expected and their satisfaction with opportunities. It also looked at how women managed their careers, have access to mentoring and the take up of key job assignments in each of those countries.

Current women in leadership research projects at Kenexa include:

  • Women’s Advancement Audit
  • Individual development diagnostic

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