Conference Overview

Thank you for joining us for an incredible time together at this year’s conference. We hope that you were energized and inspired by everything around you, and were reminded that no matter what you do in life, it should energize you, fulfill you, engage you and give you purpose each day. Your work should inspire you and fill you with a sense of pride. That’s why the theme of this year’s conference was Energizing Life’s Work, and was all about providing you insight, tools and thought leadership to connect what you do to your life’s outcomes.

Connect 2014 offered workstreams specific to HR, IT and Marketing/Customer Service that provided valuable insight and thought leadership for each group. Because it’s no longer just about talent, technology or commerce, it’s about connecting all three together to Energize Life’s Work. The HR workstream at the conference—the same great Kenexa World Conference you know and love—was focused on creating a Smarter Workforce through the lens of HR.

Connect 2014 Workstreams

Smarter Workforce (HR)

If your life’s work is hiring, engaging and optimizing talent, Connect 2014 energized it by helping you discover how to attract and keep the best people, develop employee skills, cultivate leaders and capitalize on collective intelligence and analytics to transform the way your business works.

Lotusphere Technical Program (IT)

If your life’s work is providing the right tools and capabilities, attending Connect 2014 energized it by helping you identify the technology and technical solutions that enhance collaboration in your company. Visit to learn more.

Customer Experiences in Smarter Commerce (Marketing/Customer Service)

If your life’s work is engaging customers and building relationships between people and companies, attending Connect 2014 energized it by helping you learn how to enhance interactions through community, collaboration, process and analytics. Visit to learn more.

Taking Out The Guesswork 

We were proud to offer workstreams that uncovered how to Energize Life’s Work through the lens of HR, IT and Marketing/Customer Service. And we were thrilled to focus on helping you create a Smarter Workforce. By offering insight on the future of HR, exploring the journey ahead and celebrating the great strides we’ve made together, we can define what it means to build a Smarter Workforce for your company. During the last year, we’ve been putting the tools and solutions in place to help you take the guesswork out of hiring, engagement, retention—and anything else that affects your workforce—replacing it with precision through science, data and process.