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Employee Engagement Surveys

We measure what matters at your company to improve your business.     

When you think about it, anything you do within the walls of your company should be tailored to your business objectives and to your strategies for achieving them. Yet some survey companies don’t think this way. We do. That’s why when we work for you, we make it about your company. We design the survey to work the way you work, ask the kinds of questions you need to ask and then focus on the key items that you need in order to create a more engaged and productive workforce. Because when your workforce is engaged, your people work harder, stay longer, care more and find more gratification in helping your company succeed. It’s as simple as that.     

While other companies can conduct surveys, few can actually make your company better. But that’s the promise we make—and we stand by it. Here’s why:

  1. We have more experience conducting engagement surveys than anyone—850 million employee responses in our three year rolling database.
  2. We have a long history of adapting to new and better ways of gathering employee feedback and turning it into improved business performance. Some of our clients have a 15 year history of continuous improvement. 
  3. More companies hire and rehire us as a result of our unmatched service model—our 96 percent client retention rate tells the story.  
  4. We don’t just conduct surveys. We consult in the design and the results of the survey. This bookend approach drives success like no other provider and gives you the advantage of everything we’ve learned. 
  5. We’re good and we’re global. With over 30 offices in over 20 countries, we can apply our survey methodologies anywhere, anytime to fit your needs. 
  6. Our technology and our reporting are top-notch. We value our customer feedback and continually work to enhance our technology to meet your organization’s needs.
  7. We call what we do the "High Performance Engagement Model (HPEM)." Our customers just call it success. Why? Because even as the global trend in engagement has gone down, our clients’ engagement levels have gone up.

Now that you know what we do, here’s how we do it. Our "Four Critical Areas"—as we call it—are a collection of perfected processes that ensure the right survey program is conducted flawlessly every time.

Survey Four Phase Graphic


Program Design—The Basis of Measuring a High Performing Organization
We begin with your business success as our primary objective, and then build processes and programs that support those business outcomes. Fundamental to program design is our belief that your people make a difference to the success of your company. In order to create a program that reflects the distinct needs of your organization, we personally talk to your key stakeholders. This provides greater insight to identify the particular measurements required for your program—giving you the personal attention you deserve.

2Administration—The Channel of Response
Understanding the complexities and uniqueness of your organization is our top priority. Our employee survey offerings are delivered through custom instruments designed to meet your company’s structure, culture and business objectives. Every employee survey can be administrated globally in multiple languages and channels. 

3Reporting—More than Numbers
We provide a full array of analytical reports and training materials to support the behavioral change process. Our employee survey reports are easily understood by line managers and HR professionals, and provide insight into not only your current engagement levels, but historical trends and external benchmarks. This gives you a holistic view of your company’s health. To support your managers throughout the reporting and action planning process, we offer training sessions and materials that ensure employee survey information is understood before it’s used for action planning. 

4Behavior Change—The Ultimate ROI
Partnering together, we work to achieve results by relying on action planning techniques that enable your managers and leaders to facilitate goal alignment, develop and implement realistic action plans, increase accountability and set standards of comparison for development planning. Whether you focus on sales per square foot, turnover rates or profit, your results are linked to the specific business metrics and performance variables set for your company.

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