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HR Tech to Feature IBM’s Watson in Dialogue with Rudy Karsan

IBM’s Rudy Karsan, founder of Kenexa (now an IBM company), will have a dialogue with Watson on stage at HR Tech after presenting his vision of the future of HR. Karsan will pose questions in natural language to Watson and will demonstrate “the computer’s role as a trusted HR adviser when it provides personalized, evidence-based, contextually-relevant responses,” according to Bill Kutik.
With Big Data, Companies Can Predict Your Success Before Your First Day On The Job

The need for high-performing employees, and for hiring the right candidate for the right job at the right time, has never been greater. Here's how the talent hunt is being transformed.
What Really Makes Tech Stars Shine

I had the chance to talk with a team at IBM that was analyzing data from surveys of more than 200 software developers to determine the traits that made them successful in that role.
Getting Recruitment Right

Recruitment is one of the biggest challenges for employers. Getting it right justifies what can be a significant investment; getting it wrong can cost them thousands and leave them having to start the process all over again.
On the Cutting Edge of Social Networking

Organizations are integrating social networking into specific business processes. Sales departments were early adopters. As a people-oriented department, HR is a natural match for social networking.
They've Discovered What Really Makes A Great Employee

The power of big data technology and advances in business psychology means that data already stored and information already collected through surveys and assessments are more useful now than ever. Kenexa, which surveys and assesses some 40 million people a year, was recently bought by IBM for more than $1 billion to boost its capabilities in this growing field.

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