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The reality is you need an assessment partner who can predict success, a partner who truly understands what makes people good at what they do, because finding the right person for the right job within your organization means higher performance, increased engagement, quicker time-to-productivity and lower turnover. Résumés and interviews alone can’t do the job—you need a prediction tool that gives you the power to choose the right candidate with confidence.

We believe that a true candidate-to-organization match happens when a candidate, or employee, has the right combination of capacity, capability and culture fit to succeed within your organization. Capacity uncovers the innate talents, or reach and drive, a person is born with. Capability defines their acquired skills, education, background and experience, and culture fit discovers how well they fit within the walls of your organization. When these three components are measured independently and stacked up against the unique drivers of your organization, it leads to the most accurate prediction possible.

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The expertise of our methods run deep, with over 1,500 ready-to-use assessments and a tailored approach, so we can help you implement the right assessments for your organization regardless of need. And, we can do it quickly and affordably. Whether you are looking for a quick, standard approach to skills testing or need to identify the components of a top performer in a job role that is critical to your company’s performance, we can help.

We pride ourselves on providing a wide variety of assessment solutions that are based on a combination of great science and a proven history of predicting performance through unique methods and observations. But, our expertise doesn’t stop there; it runs the entire employee journey.

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To gain a truly powerful approach to measuring, predicting and enabling performance by bringing together survey results, assessment findings and leadership insights, check out our page that discusses the combination of these three content areas.