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Staying competitive in the marketplace means first setting pay rates that help you attract, retain and motivate employees.  But making sure you have the information you need to set competitive salaries takes reliable benchmark salary data from a trusted source. With Kenexa CompAnalyst Market Data, you gain instant access to the most reliable source of compensation data so you can benchmark jobs easily and accurately using a single, web-based tool—helping you stay competitive for any job, anywhere.

Recruit and retain top talent

With instant access to the information you need, CompAnalyst Market Data gives you ready-to-use salary data for any job in any location. Our 100 percent employer-reported data is made up of hundreds of publicly available compensation surveys. Unlike traditional salary surveys, however, our data is constantly updated, ensuring that you always know what your market looks like. And with access to our own compensation experts, you can be sure you’re making decisions that will positively impact the talent in your company.

Scale to fit your needs

Your needs today for reliable compensation data may be different than they are tomorrow. That’s why we offer base pay data, short-term incentive information and job descriptions for over 4,000 jobs across 20 industries, 240 metros and 30 size categories. Our data covers multiple markets, including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and China—ensuring that as you grow, the salary answers you need will be there when you need them.

Support your talent programs

CompAnalyst Market Data offers easy-to-use tools that can help you navigate millions of data points in a snap. You can apply your organization’s methodology to the data we provide and compare information across industry, geography and size segments. With intuitive search tools, the ability to age, weight and adjust data, and convenient exporting to Excel, CSV or PDF, your impact can be immediately felt on your company’s talent programs.

Gain valuable insight into your workforce

With our analytics add-on, we can help you protect your talent investment by making sure your pay programs are both competitive externally and equitable internally. Our data empowers you to compare your pay practices to other benchmarks. We’ve also got the visual tools you need for building and managing salary structures and for modeling the cost of merit distribution scenarios. It’s exactly what you need to support the long-term growth of your company. And if you need executive compensation data, retail compensation data, or high tech compensation data, check out our global compensation surveys and our executive pay analysis tools.

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  • Benchmark Data For 4,000+ Jobs
  • 100 Percent Employer-Reported Data
  • Certified Compensation Professional Support
  • Intuitive Search Tools
  • Data Comparison Across Industries, Geography and Size
  • Exportable to Excel, CSV and PDF
  • Data Available For Canada, United Kingdom and China
  • Analytics Add-On For Analysis of External Competitiveness and Internal Equity