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Many companies have discovered that having automated learning content authoring makes things easier. But using manual processes to integrate, reuse, maintain, manage and deliver this content can decrease flexibility and increase costs. To have effective and cost-efficient learning content management, your company needs a solution that automates the entire content lifecycle. That’s why Kenexa LCMS gives you a complete solution for managing content—from the moment content is created to the delivery of personalized, on-demand training modules. 

We offer the most widely deployed and successful Learning Content Management System (LCMS) in the market. Countless organizations use Kenexa LCMS to develop, maintain, manage and deliver highly effective training for millions of learners. The reason is simple—we provide the industry’s most comprehensive and adaptable LCMS solution. From development to streamlined maintenance, management and delivery, we automate the entire content lifecycle to help your company reach its business goals. 

Deliver learning faster 

Responding to changing market conditions and sharing knowledge across your company quickly means you need to reduce the time it takes to deliver learning content. With Kenexa LCMS, you can rapidly develop, integrate, reuse and assemble content into courses without the need for programming. Our solution improves the quality of your learning content with automated workflow and review functionality to also eliminate time consuming and error-prone manual processes. And by helping you quickly find assets, perform impact analyses, modify content and update changes through all learning, you can be confident that you’ll deliver the content you need when you need it.

Optimize learning effectiveness

When you need to achieve employee competency, optimize employee productivity, empower customers to maximize the value of your products and services, or receive the highest level of contribution from your partners, our LCMS solution empowers you to develop the personalized training you need. You can automatically and dynamically assemble and deliver training modules that are personalized to each learner’s unique needs. And with our tracking functionality, you can ensure all employees stay up-to-date on required competencies, like safety and security standards, SOPs and certifications. 

Foster collaboration and knowledge-sharing

Helping you connect, communicate and collaborate across your workforce requires a solution that supports social interactions. Kenexa LCMS relies on our social business software platform to enhance employee interaction and knowledge exchange between development teams and subject matter experts. This means you can increase the opportunities for knowledge sharing across your company and encourage a culture of continual learning.

Maintain corporate standards, streamline delivery and ensure compliance

When you need to implement support for corporate standards such as templates and style guides, you can rely on Kenexa LCMS. Our learning content management system empowers you to develop content and deliver it in multiple formats, including eLearning, Word, PowerPoint, PDF, XML and mobile content, all of which can be branded to meet your company’s standards and maintain messaging consistency . And with support for mobile devices, learning content can be easily rendered to any basic mobile phone, smartphone or tablet.

Not only does our LCMS help you quickly find assets, perform impact analyses and modify content, it also automatically disseminates changes throughout all learning in all areas including eLearning, Word, PowerPoint, PDF, XML and mobile content—helping you reduce maintenance time and errors. 

And best of all, you can meet internal compliance requirements. From safety and security standards to SOPs and certifications, our LCMS offers personalized and modular training to target specific learning needs, and provides the tracking functionality you need to ensure all employees are up-to-date on their required competencies.


  • Built-In Template Driven Content Development
  • Natively Authored, Integrated and Third-Party Material Integration
  • Language Preference Availability
  • Assessment Development With Built-In Capabilities
  • Object Locking and Security Versioning
  • Advanced Searches By Text, Object Type or Metadata
  • Configuration Tools Mirror Existing Roles, Workflow Processes, Access Privileges, Terminology, and Delivery Look and Feel
  • Workflow Tasks to Trigger Automatic Notifications
  • Multiple Format and Channel Delivery, Including eLearning, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, PDF, XML and Mobile
  • Learner Self-Service With Keyword, Job Role or Subject Matter Search Options