Recruitment Technology by Kenexa

Kenexa 2x Onboard®

2xOnboarding by Kenexa

Onboarding new employees should be an experience rather than a checklist of tasks and processes. It’s about transforming new hires into dedicated employees and getting them excited and engaged, connected to the company culture and productive in the shortest time possible. Our Kenexa 2x Onboard® technology, featuring forms management and supported by onboarding process design and onboarding process consulting, helps you drive efficiency in your organization by standardizing and automating the onboarding process. It also accelerates time-to-productivity—increasing the achievement of employee performance milestones and enhancing employee engagement and retention.


  • New Hire Portals
  • Smart Dashboards and Reports
  • Configurability, Scalability, Flexibility
  • Stakeholder Collaborations
  • Provisioning Workflows
  • Integrated Talent Management
  • Electronic Forms, Task and Compliance Management
2xOnboarding by Kenexa

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